Friday, June 18, 2010

little krishna movie

This is one film which was popular among us, the film tells the story of the god Krishna who was born small underworld by a beautiful woman and inhabit on a hill called govarda,, is actually a small Krisna, Krisna god that has many features and great strength and becomes a protector for the tranquility of the village and hills govarda ..
Krishna is a figure of a small child that a blue-colored skin,, has a handsome face and the heart is wise, he always wore a peacock feather on his head,,, and bring the flute to be played to entertain the existing nature and wildlife around it, many miracles are performed Krisna is between yain is to make a bridge with the help of an ape, and beat a lot of evil monsters who attacked him and his village, never seen again on the television screen greatness Krisna

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