Friday, June 18, 2010

benefits petai leaf china

Not many people knew and know the leaves on this one,, a small oval-shaped leaves with a short bone-green leaves are very popularly known as petai chinese leaf, usually the seeds from this tree is used to materials to make "botok" (food Javanese traditional)
but not many people know this one leaves can also be used to smooth skin
definitely before you amongst all the many who think that this is very ridiculous and impossible, if the remember the smell and taste is also not likely to be used, but if you know your daughters in the royal palace in Java many use these leaves as natural materials to smooth, soften and lift the skin cells die, the way it is very easy, simply mix the leaves and coffee grounds petai china and a little olive oil and then blend these ingredients until smooth, then the entire body and apply
then let stand for several minutes, during which you can gently massage your body until you feel calm, and then rinse with water and soap, use this herb regularly once a week, your skin will be smooth and delicate.,,, congratulations try

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