Tuesday, June 8, 2010

educational films......ipin and upin

Indonesian society certainly has a lot of familiar children's film, entitled "Ipin and UPIN",, lately we know how the film came from malaysia is very much interested persons, from children, teens to adults who enjoy watching or just mimic normal conversation there in the movie,,,
in a film set in an area in Malaysia is very entertaining, and educating in the episode because the story is also very educational film and contains a lot of knowledge and lessons learned and polite manner favored by the viewers.
Ipin and UPIN are ocah brothers aged five years, he along with sister named ross and a grandmother,, Ipin and UPIN looks very funny and cute, as the boy they are very intelligent and active,,, they like to eat fried chicken ,,
not only that the existing relationships in the story in this movie very much and character, there jarjit black child and a bit silly, mei mei chinese descendant of a child is good, and mail a child acting weird,,, well this is the brief info Ipin and UPIN of the film ..

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