Friday, December 31, 2010


Mambo Roll Cake (Los Angeles)


* 10 egg yolks
Egg whites * 2 eggs
* 150 grams of icing sugar
* 13 grams of cake emulsifier
* 70 grams cake flour
* 10 grams of corn flour
* 10 grams of milk powder
* 100 grams of margarine, melted
* 100 grams butter, melted
* 150 grams of orange clock
* perwarna red, yellow, green taste

How To:

1. Beat the egg yolks, egg whites, icing sugar, and cake emulsifier until fluffy.
2. Add flour cake. corn flour, and milk powder, and mix well.
3. Pour margarine and butter have melted.
4. For the dough into 3 parts. Give red, yellow, green in each section.
5. Prepare a roll pan that has been smeared, pour the red dough. Then add the yellow dough, and add the green dough
6. Do it until the dough runs out, after the dough out, put into the oven.
7. Once cooked remove from oven, let cool.
8. Rub with orange hour roll, roll roll. cut according to taste and serve.

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